I am watching the pre-Inauguration broadcasts on TV and the anchor of NBC reports that President Barack Obama connects himself strongly to President Lincoln. He drank from his cup, will be sworn on Lincoln’s Bible, will eat on Lincoln’s china replicates and other connections.

Spiritually it is a big mistake. When you try to connect the spiritual energy of a specific person you get the positivity and the negativity of that person’s energy.

It is important to remember that Lincoln was a strong leader. He is responsible in a way, to unite the 50 states as the USA. But we must remember that President Lincoln was murdered. I hope that the new president connects himself only to the teaching and leadership strength of President Lincoln and not to the whole spiritual energy of him.

Even when most of his cabinet and his secretary of state declared clear “Nay”,  Lincoln said “The Ayes Have it” and closed the issue.
This maybe a good example of past leadership to overcome objections but in our times collaboration is critical. When you have the Veto power you still need to consider the consequences.
I pray for unity and positive leadership from the new president.
Live long and prosper Mr. President.