A member of my ‘Spiritually Group’ on Facebook recently asked me, “What is the place of the woman in spirituality, beyond the boundaries of religion?” My original response was brief, but I would now like to elaborate more on the subject.

Let us begin by making an important distinction between religion and spirituality. Most, if not all, religions do not truly practice spirituality. The fact that people worship a spiritual entity (or entities) does not mean they are spiritual. In fact, many religions now function as social groups or even cults—in one form or another—with rules defined by their leaders, who use their own interpretation of the spiritual system to worship God.
In most religions, women have been relegated to playing a minor role. In fact, some religious groups actually treat women as though they were second class citizens. We should understand, however, that a religion is fundamentally flawed if it does not grant the woman her proper place in the world, in order to fulfill her important role as intended by Creation.

True spirituality requires the woman. In the same way that one cannot create an electric current without the right and left poles, one cannot engage in true spiritual work without the equal—albeit different—participation of both man and woman. In fact, without the woman, nothing can grow. Just because the man can plant a seed in the ground, it does not mean he can bring the tree to life. To nurture the seed, the man cannot do so by himself. The same concept applies in spiritual work. Therefore, man and woman depend equally on one another to fulfill their roles in the world.

Women have been infused with the ability to bring forth life (and, in more ways than one). The woman has the inherent power to manifest given her stronger desire to draw the energy to make things happen in the world. The ability to activate the circuitry and flow of life energy to its fullest potential belongs to women. As such, if an idea is not supported by a woman—in one way or another—it will not come to fruition. As the saying goes, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.”
Throughout history, women have played a key role in raising the consciousness and awareness of humanity. In fact, the woman’s primary role as defined in spirituality is to help connect all of humanity to the quantum, to the source of everything. It should be understood, however, that women should not do this only as members of a religious organization. Fulfilling their roles—doing the job dictated by Creation—should be part of a personal desire to help awaken and elevate human consciousness to a state of unity, in order to break the chains that have held us back from achieving true fulfillment. In fact, it is only women that can transform all “the talk” about unconditional love and human dignity into spiritual energy to manifest in the world.

To all the women in the world that have been trained to think they do not possess spiritual powers or have a lesser role to play, take note. And, just for a moment, think about this: What would happen if woman stopped accepting the seed of man? What would happen if the earth stopped absorbing water?