What are deep thoughts and feelings? And, where do we experience them?

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Some would argue everything takes place in the brain, while others might say it’s in the heart. Then again, it could all take place in the guts. If thoughts and feelings can be relegated to a physical place, one would learn that the brain is less than an inch beneath the skull, while the heart is about two inches under the skin. And, the guts are also approximately two inches beneath the surface (assuming one is of average weight).

But, because we are speaking about immaterial things, dimensions and locations are irrelevant, in which case we can simply stop here and say this is an acceptable answer and leave it at that. Yet, we still would not know why thoughts and feelings are described as being deep.

We can begin by saying that the body is at the center of our physical existence; the further we move away from this center, the closer we come to reaching the depth of the spiritual aspect of our beings. Just imagine the earth is our body. As we move away from the earth and further into space, the air gets thinner to a point where there is nothing—only a void or vacuum. This is what’s known as going into “deep” space.

(Before going further, let me make one thing clear: Deep space is not empty. The fact that we cannot detect matter doesn’t mean that right in our midst there aren’t energy fields that we cannot sense or measure, at least not with our great modern tools. One cannot travel in the space of nothing since there is no such thing, which is yet another “deep” concept that I may answer at a later time.)

The answer to our question: deep thoughts and feelings come from our deep spiritual essence. But just remember: our essence is not situated in empty space, but rather in a field of energy that connects us to the quantum.

We are all familiar with the feeling of discomfort when we are close to a person that doesn’t match our vibe. It doesn’t matter whether or not we know the person. The simple fact is that the closer we are to this particular individual, the more we feel the desire to move farther away from him or her. You, or to be more accurate, your spiritual extension senses the other person’s energy, which immediately sends a message to move away—or come close, assuming there is a positive attraction. This, of course, cannot be explained by reason or logic, but only by a deep understanding of what is actually taking place.

How many times a day do we find ourselves in that field of energy or deep space, yet we don’t recognize as such?

It is safe to assume that we all feel the warmth of the sun on a summer day. Yet, we cannot see the sun’s rays or its energy around us.

Many of us own a small device called a cellular phone, which receives and transmits waves that can be carried to nearly unlimited distances. And, through the transmitter of the receiver, the energy fields are isolated to be received by a single unit located anywhere in the world, as if by magic.

Charisma is another type of energy field. Those with great charisma “radiate” their energy further than most, which is why even the people not in the immediate surroundings can feel it. They actually have a “deeper” reach with their energy.
We also possess the ability to sense other people’s thoughts waves, even though we don’t recognize it (except for those who know they possess telepathic abilities). Yet, at least once, have you not experienced having a thought at the same time that another person close to you has the same thought?

It is this spiritual depth that helps us to feel and communicate with others. From this depth we can get “messages.” And, it is from this deep spiritual space that thoughts “pop” into our minds.

By the way, this spiritual depth has six different “directions”—north, south, east, west, up and down, which extend out in a sphere-like shape. And, each direction has a different type of wave/vibration/energy. And, in fact, there are ways to connect to all directions at once, but this will be the subject of a separate article.

For now, ask yourself, “How deep am I in my spiritual space?”

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