Paradise by Jan Bruegel.

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A friend came back from a vacation in Mexico and when I asked the regular question “How was it?” she replied, “Paradise”.
Mexico? Paradise?… I had no worries, far from home, work, trouble, was in a great hotel with a beautiful beach and good food.

Probably every day there are some Mexican people attempting to cross the US borders illegally. Do they leave Paradise for this? Is the US a better paradise?

Obviously not.
Finding paradise is relative to the person’s views. For an illegal immigrant, living a dream is a job that pays a few dollars a day in the back of a small restaurant.The main point is that reality is what we perceive it to be. If you are sitting in the office and complain about your job, just look outside the window and see the builders across the street pouring cement on the top 34th floor, under rain, snow and freezing cold.

If you are a builder at the top of a building pouring cement in a freezing cold weather, look down the street to see some people running and looking for some kind of job to bring home food and some money to pay bills and rent, which are three months due.

If you are a billionaire and you are down to your cash account of few millions. You had some bad investments or you let a Mad take off with your money and you think that you are in hell, ask people if they are willing to exchange your “Hell” with their “Paradise”.

The actual Paradise is our ability to create, to make new from a thought in our mind. As long as you can think and  put together an action plan, you are in Paradise. You are like the Creator. You may not able to create one, but you can still make new in your own universe.

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