One day, an atheist came to a spiritual master and said, “Master, I respect your knowledge, but I don’t believe in God,” to which the master replied, “Then, we share the same belief; I don’t believe in God either.” In response to the look of astonishment on the atheist’s face, the master continued, “I don’t believe in the same God you don’t [believe in].”

Everyone has some image of God. However, the moment we start defining God, we actually create a limitation to its power, which easily leads to disbelief. Think about it: if you were to believe that God is black, white, green, or yellow, you will surely find a reason not to like Him.

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For many, the Ten Commandments are the ultimate law. And, although the first commandment says there is only one God and the second warns us against creating an image of Him, countless religions and images of God abound. If there is only one God, then why do we have so many religions? And, if the various religions embrace the existence of a single God, why do we not use a single spiritual system?

Each and every religious group claims their way is the one and true system. Without going deeply into this aspect of the discussion, if we can all agree that God created the whole of existence, then every group that separates itself from the whole is actually separating itself from God. If one religion goes against another religion, then is it not going against God?

The only religion that should exist is the one that promotes unity in all aspect of our lives, the one that speaks of the single quantum consciousness that holds all of existence in place. But unfortunately, because humans have continuously resisted this force, we live in a chaotic world—the direct result of behavior that promotes separation, individuality above oneness, and the gratification of selfish desires. Whether or not we are willing to admit it, the current global crisis—manifesting itself in various forms—is the direct result of our separation from God.

A man was found living on a deserted island. The rescuers saw that he had built two houses of worship. When they asked him why he had built two if he was just one person, he replied, “This one is my regular place, the one I am faithful to. As for the other, I don’t believe in it. I’d rather die before I step inside.”

If you laughed at the joke, just ask yourself why…