On AP news I read that “An out-of-work money manager in California lost a fortune and wiped out his family in a murder-suicide.”. Current economic situation drives people to desperate measures. Why do they commit suicide? A simple answer is that they see it as the ultimate protection option. No one can reach them beyond life. They don’t have to pay mortgage, business loans or investment money that got spent on products nobody wants now.

There is an individual and global responsibility for this situation. Leaders should put the focus on the pain of the world and make efforts to relieve it and not to re-live it.  Most world leaders are numb to the people’s pain and don’t do much to remove the causes of it until it creates a serious problem.
What would you do if you were in a party and felt a stomach ache growing inside? Most people would ignore the pain until the party is over. But then the pain turnes out to be a food poisoning and requires intensive care.

We can’t afford to ignore this any more. The level of desire for the self alone in the world is getting stronger. China’s free economy (not just them) produces scores of negative giants driven by greed that ignores health and safety standards. They produce cheap products, below standard (in most of the cases) and without care for the end users. “In gold they trust”.
New York and other world stock exchanges focus on making the quick return on their investments, forgetting about the businesses and the people they invest in. They don’t look at the growth of the company, but the growth of their fortunes.

Wall Street and other stock markets in the world are not  good centers  to help and share businesses growth any more, but centers to find ways to take other people’s money.
When someone buys shares in a company, he prays for their success and hopes to make money so he can have profit on his investment. The moment he sells the shares for profit, he is happy but from that moment on, he doesn’t care if the company falls. He feels safe now. He might even get upset if that company keeps growing and makse profits without him inside.

I salute the people that make Zillions by providing products and services to others. They employ and support many families.
The negativity comes when people play with money to make money. The greed blinds them and they don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

Yes, I heard about “stimulating the economy” through the stock market but ask the people that lost their money, jobs, houses, spouses, health and lives due to erratic behavior of “the Market”.

The thought of “me and no one else” is pure evil that causes a lot of negativity in the world.

So what cause a father to kill his whole family before killing himself?
“He was in financial trouble and contemplated killing just himself. But he said he decided to kill his entire family because that was more honorable, police said.”
Spiritual people know that death is not an escape from debts. Hardship is part of life and we must go through it, ALIVE. The consciousness of a person that commits  suicide follows him after his soul gets disconnected from his body.
It is a terrible, painful trap for the soul and it must come back immediately to life to correct itself.

The Laws of the Spiritual system are very strict. The soul must be cleansed on each pass through life.
Regardless of the irresponsible actions of the economic leaders, a person is responsible for his situation. Don’t get into mortgages and loans without stronger foundation.  Don’t use “other people’s money”.

Greed feeds greed and it grows to create big negativity. If you are after other people’s money, don’t be surprise that others are after yours.

We were born with the desire for the self. It is the engine that makes our heart pump and circulate the blood in the body to keep it alive. That is why desires come from the heart, which holds the desire to live. Imbalanced desires hurt the heart. People that know their desires and how to balance them have healthy hearts.
Control your desires and you control your life.

Take responsibility for your actions and help others understand it.