What do you do when you say I am thinking?

When you say I am going to Florida or Los Angels or to Aunt Millie, you have a plan, a set of actions to follow. You get into the car or take a taxi to the airport and so on. BUT when you say I am thinking, do you initiate any action? What does your mind have to do with thinking? Does it “tell” you to think? Who and what does the thinking? Is it your brain?
Science tells us that when you “start thinking” a surge of brain “electronic” activity begin to happen. Did you flip the thinking switch?
What triggers the thoughts? Does your mind think right now? Do these words trigger more thoughts? Are you getting crazy and want to quit reading?

S T O P!

Get off this ride…
So what is thinking? Thinking is a reactive state of mind. The cause is almost always external. It comes from your material or spiritual environment. We do not invite thoughts, they just come to us. From where? (I will discuss this in another time).
Thoughts are the bridges between your spiritual and material being. It is the first step to bring an idea into material life. (Speaking is material because it manifests thoughts into vibration of sound and has its own existence and influence in this world.

Did we think enough about thinking and thoughts? Absolutely not.
Did I manifest all my thoughts into words? Absolutely not.

But here’s another thought coming and I got to close this article and go.

See you with my next thought.

Much Love,