I was asked by a friend “How to become a spiritual person?”.

It is a good question because most “so called spiritual” people, read a book or two on spirituality and consider themselves spiritual.

Even if you know the Bible or the Qua’ran or the 700 verses of “The Gita” by heart it won’t make you spiritual.

Yet, nothing is wrong with that. In fact this is the best first step to become a spiritual person. The problem is that like most diet plans, you get in the plan for few days then comes the weekend or Jo’s wedding and the diet switches to spiritual existence. Its only in your mind. You still consider yourself on a diet, but the discipline is out of the window.

Without making you uncomfortable about your spirituality level, here is the answer to the above question.

In a world where gravity holds everything down to earth, it is hard to climb up. A spiritual person is one that seeks the the cause of everything and influences it.

If your mind is switched off, you are a real couch potato. If you think, then you can move, act and create.

Thoughts drive us. This is a spiritual level. All your life you follow your thoughts. Even if your boss tells you to do something, you won’t be able to do it if you don’t have it in your mind first. You may be asked to design a kids playroom, but if you can’t picture it in your mind, forget it.

It is all there (in the mind) and beyond.

Understanding that puts you in a higher state of mind and allows you to have control over your mind and life.
You may have already asked “what about being a good person and helping others?”, Yes I say, very important spiritual rule but where is the control? When you do good, are you sure that your action will lead to positive
Hmm, not so easy to answer. If you’re not sure then why do it? Here we touch the job of a spiritual person. As he develops himself, he learns to do the right actions to cause positive outcome. He knows his connection to the quantum and the effect of his doings on the environment and whole existence.
Doing positive actions with desire to benefit yourself creates gravity and does not bring positive outcome.

Top 4 rules of How to become a spiritual person?

  1. Seek and learn the cause of everything.
  2. Remove hate from yourself. The world was created with the love of the creator. Acting with hate destroys the world.
  3. Act when you know the positive outcome of your action.
  4. Watch your words. Every word you say is a cause and therefore must adhere to rule number 2.