Large Hadron ColliderMany people are happy to hear this news. For them, the destruction of
the world is postponed for a while. For me, it is postponement of the revelation of the
spiritual force that drives everything in existence.

I do not need this piece of information of proof to the existence of
that force. It is the delay of having this knowledge available to
everyone on earth.

It is a disappointment but not surprising. Every worthy goal has an
opponent attached to it.  You may call it bad luck, mishap, bad
engineering etc. but the fact is that we have undesirable delay.
Increase of expenses and decrease in public respect and trust with the

I see this project as a spiritual journey of thousands of scientists from
around the world to find the force of creation. It is our top global
priority. The scientists are looking for that “elusive” particle. This
particle is actually the whole space of existence, where the thought of
creation exists and supports all that we want to create or even think. I
will expand on this issue in future articles and for now I want to go with
the LHA engineers’ success in repairing “the Greatest Spiritual Vehicle
ever built”. They may not be aware of that, but that is where they are
going with it. A discovery to HOW the world was created by The Creator.

The next question will be WHY it was created? And that brings us to the point BEFORE the Big Bang.