On the day of the full moon of the month of Aquarius, Israelites and Jews celebrate a “new year” for the trees.
The energy of Aquarius represents and is related to the future of humanity. The concealed meaning of this day between the trees and humans is the connection to the Tree of Life. The full moon of Aquarius, which is a full reflection of the Sun’s light reveals the total energy of the month on this world.

The biblical code is in GenesisĀ  and tells us that we came from the Garden of Eden where we had the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Bad.

Our soul came from the infinite source of creation, the Tree of Life or however your belief system describes it.

We are like fruitful trees. We join the energy of Male and Female to bring children, “the fruits of our loins”. When they mature they separate themselves from the source tree in order to create a tree of their own and bring more fruits.

This is the cycle of life. On a yearly cycle and on this day there is an ability to connect to the original Tree of Life to “recharge” the process of continuity in the world.

This year we had a partial lunar eclipse on the same day, which means a disturbance in the flow of the energy. Six months later on July 22, 2009, which is the first day of the moon of Leo we will have a total Solar Eclipse.

Let us hope and pray that this year will not be negative.